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Hiwot Integrated Development Organization (HIDO) formerly known as Hiwot HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Support Organization (HAPCSO) is an indigenous, non-governmental, secular, and non-profit-making organization working towards contributing to the development of Ethiopia through an integrated development approaches. HIDO is legally registered as an Ethiopian residents’ charity with registration number 0224 by the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia – Charities and Societies Agency, under Charities and Societies Proclamation number 61/2009. 

HIDO’s vision is to see healthy and self-reliant society in Ethiopia. Its mission is to build the capacity, efficacy, and confidence of marginalized and vulnerable sections of the society through participatory and inclusive health, education and livelihood program interventions to achieve immediate as well as lasting impact in the lives of its target groups. HIDO has nearly 20 years of robust development experience. It was founded in 1999 by an Ethiopian Nurse, Laurent Sr. Tibebe Maco, with the support of few dedicated health professionals and Social Workers who had ample experience and exposure in community development initiatives. 

During those times of highest HIV/AIDS mortality & morbidity (mainly in the 1990s), a number of People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) have been suffering  from multifarious problems & agonies ranging from lack of minimal HIV/AIDS care & support services to a higher level of stigma & discrimination which intern degraded their dignity and humanity. This reality was taken as a cause and entry point by the founder of the organization for the inception of the now HIDO, the then HAPCSO.

HIDO works in selected woredas in three regions in Ethiopia, namely: Addis Ababa City Administration, Amhara and Oromia regions. During the period 2018-2022, HIDO has a plan to expand its geographic coverage to SNNPR region. HIDO has four well designed and integrated programmatic intervention areas, namely:- Child and Youth Development, Health Care, Livelihood/Economic Strengthening, and Capacity Building. HIDO’s target groups include:- Orphans and other Highly Vulnerable Children (HVC), Most At Risk Populations (MARPs), Youth in Need, Women and Girls in Need, People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLHIV), Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), and the Elderly. 

Over the past two decades, HIDO directly reached over 100,000 target beneficiaries through the above four integrated development programs and enabled its targets to lead healthier, dignified and better lives. Approximately, 65% of HIDO’s beneficiaries and 90 % of HIDO’s volunteers are women. Moreover, HIDO successfully built the capacity of local government authorities, community based organizations/associations, schools, and service providers through technical, financial and material supports.

As a dynamic and vibrant local NGO, HIDO has all the necessary ingredients in terms of institutional capacity. It has well-built systems and structures in place, has well equipped and qualified staff, different policies, manuals, strategies, and guidelines, and independent and well-staffed Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Learning (MERL) unit. Furthermore, HIDO has strong and robust credibility and experience in participatory grass-roots program designing, and implementation. In collaboration and partnership with various development actors, HIDO implemented projects of various natures ranging from small to very large, achieved remarkable results, and positively changed the lives of tens of thousands of people. 

In recognition to its outstanding achievements, good track records, and its reputation in participatory project implementation and positive impact achievement, HIDO has become one of the most preferred local NGOs to work with and received several national and international recognitions and awards.